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Posted by Mado Khaled 2017-09-12

هاتوا مية!

Posted by Pallavi Nujella 2017-09-12

Superior gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

Posted by Mujir Ali 2017-09-11

Posted by n m 2017-09-11

It very good solve game

Posted by JINO ANTONY 2017-09-11

I love this game

Posted by Brenda Simon 2017-09-10

Cool love it

Posted by dont u fined me Something ur n truble 2017-09-10

It was horribile

Posted by Sam Arp 2017-09-10


Posted by arunamartha 9490456746 2017-09-10

I will get back to the game tonight at my house

Posted by Uzair ahmad 2017-09-10

I love this games

Posted by Sakeel Khan 2017-09-09

Very good GAME

Posted by 2017-09-09

AMAZING best strategy family friendly addictive game AND LOTS of levels

Posted by James Hamburg 2017-09-08

I love mickey mouse

Posted by slayer of zombies 2017-09-08

Good game play it now

Posted by Farhan Abraham 2017-09-08

Ilove that game so exciting

Posted by Mr Alderson 2017-09-08

Check out lego joeltube

Posted by hhbb z a s sns rbr r sns sns ss s aa# mm e a a s x2 2017-09-08


Posted by Rosemary Mireles 2017-09-07

This is a super fun game .

Posted by 2017-09-07

Awesome Cool

Posted by Mayur Solanki 2017-09-07

Where is my Mickley?

Posted by Jacob Rice 2017-09-05


Posted by Jom Ar 2017-09-05

It is a very good game

Posted by parshwa Shah 2017-09-05

It is awesome

Posted by Ravi Raj 2017-09-05

Love you Mickey mouse

Posted by abhinav bhushan 2017-09-04


Posted by Yesha Posadas 2017-09-04

Thats amazing game... I Love to play this game

Posted by NagaRaju Kuthadi 2017-09-04

Game is nice but it looks like a old version and please download the where is my Perry .and Where is my water

Posted by 2017-09-04

Love it

Posted by 2017-09-04

This the worst game I played don't download it .It is having only 10 levels after that u he to buy the version by the way they r very good in making money u as shoes

Posted by Georgina 2017-09-03

I liked the game but there are so many ads

Posted by Mantis Praying 2017-09-03

Why put the word FREE in the title if the game is not free? This is misleading and a cheap move on your part. Kids that do not own credit cards play these games. Do you get some kind of sick satisfaction in knowing that children are sad because they were expecting a whole free game and that all they got was a misleading title?

Posted by Giridhari Roy 2017-09-03

This game is amazing....u like it..

Posted by 2017-09-03

it is amazing

Posted by Nikhil Majeti 2017-09-03


Posted by Dion Alexander 2017-09-02


Posted by Sunita samant 2017-09-02

I loved it very much

Posted by Sunitha Punna 2017-09-02


Posted by 2017-09-02


Posted by 2017-09-02


Posted by Prince Yduwanshi 2017-09-02


Posted by yogita bhatt 2017-09-01

Face clean and ready

Posted by 2017-09-01


Posted by Arudpirajith Arulanandem 2017-09-01

Super game

Posted by Diya Narang 2017-09-01

Very nice it is a time passer and easy to play but it is a very short game and can be finished in 1 day. there is a secret level in this game. If we try to slide more from the end we can play it.

Posted by Devika Dixit 2017-09-01

Best game ever

Posted by Seema Rana 2017-09-01

I love this game☺

Posted by 2017-08-31

Mickey mouse watch mickey mouse because mickey mouse is so cool and hes so cute enough in the shorts

Posted by Shahreen Ghazali 2017-08-31

I think you love mè

Posted by Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_ 2017-08-31


Posted by Prasant MISHRA 2017-08-31

I love the game so many levels

Posted by 2017-08-30

I love mickey mouse

Posted by 2017-08-30

This game is such as a stupit game

KingPosted by SHANKAR KING 2017-08-30


Posted by 2017-08-30

This game is to simple. U need to do more than this

Posted by Parveen Singh 2017-08-30

I is the best game ever

Posted by 2017-08-30

Very Gooooooooood

Posted by im Killing U That Ur Ugly As Fuck 2017-08-30

Love it

Posted by MarkRandolph Chan 2017-08-29


Posted by Dido Kande 2017-08-29

Good but I think it would be great if it had more levels

Posted by 2017-08-29

It should be a free game that you don't have to pay for , But I do love Disney world and you should make more games like this you should make a liv and Mady

Posted by Noushad Ahmad 2017-08-29

Very better game is this

Posted by Jeff h 2017-08-28

Too many adds

Posted by 2017-08-28

It is worlds best game

Posted by Lavish Goyal 2017-08-28

Good time killer

Posted by 2017-08-27

It's stupid

Posted by 2017-08-27

I like the games okay you know but I think there should be like some in your changes you know it's like kind of copying a game so yeah and well it like there's not so many levels I'm going to download it you know I played it I'm going to download it again you know pretty sure there's update on it I don't know but you know like there should be more levels you know an update on updates yes and I really really really it's okay I'm sorry and I'm going up I just finished when I bring you that it's okay okay and yes I'm going to subscriptions like see who you like and YouTube I really like Jake Paul and I'm sorry I watch him sometimes butts Logan Paul and Funnel Vision and after TV and after TV there's no you too cold after tea I just got to my friend I'll see you next time by next time I read a game by see you later bye

Posted by Pooja Bidawat 2017-08-26


Posted by Rudy Daud 2017-08-26

Is game horebel Mikey danger

Posted by Ann Hall 2017-08-26

Its a great game but way too many ads.

Posted by Meree Perez 2017-08-26

I loved this game. Unfortunately, for me i had ads after each game. But overall super awesome.

Posted by TashaAllmon95 2017-08-26


Posted by 2017-08-26

There is the many freking adds it is so annoying There is to many freaking adds and it is so freaking annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pitabash Udan 2017-08-26

Good game

Posted by Melvin Waye 2017-08-25


Posted by Sally Rambharose 2017-08-25

I love it

Posted by 2017-08-25

Very much bad game

Posted by Nicole John Oliva 2017-08-24

I love it

Posted by 2017-08-24

I. Am. See. His. Game. Is. Very. Good

Posted by Anjali Agavane 2017-08-24

bad app don't download it please

Posted by 2017-08-24

I m4 u

Posted by ahmed jogiyat 2017-08-24

Ble blu ble

Posted by WinterReign McDonnell 2017-08-24

At but short and hard.

Posted by madhavi Pathak 2017-08-23


Posted by Howard Huang 2017-08-23

Hey Hugo and Luke why are you playing this? What are you doing?

Posted by Neetu Tripathi 2017-08-23

Ñice game

Posted by Omprakash Kashyap 2017-08-23

Very good

Posted by Angela lugo 2017-08-22

The ads are just ridiculous. ADS AFTER EACH LEVEL. Seriously. Uncalled for. Uninstalled. My 2 year old cant navigate this game with constant ads. Id like to try it first before actually paying for it but i refuse to now.

Posted by Pritha Sharma 2017-08-22

It is the worse game that I ever played because it has total only 39levels and they were also very easy

Posted by Gilbert Silla 2017-08-22

Cool man

Posted by Sri Vidya 2017-08-22

So Good

Posted by Azariah Garcia 2017-08-21


Posted by 2017-08-21

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ravi Ahire 2017-08-21

Kiran ahire

Posted by P Willie 2017-08-21

It's cool u should where's my mickey 2

Posted by Kuljeet Dhillon 2017-08-21

It need more data by itself

Posted by Scarlet Arianne 2017-08-21

It's so so so challenging!

Posted by riyaz ahmad 2017-08-21


Posted by Jr favor 2017-08-20

it is so funny

Posted by Maryam Baloch 2017-08-20

Goog game

Posted by alyssa cohen 2017-08-20


Posted by Padmaja Kannan 2017-08-20


Posted by 2017-08-20

Very interesting and my favourite game

Posted by Munindra Borah 2017-08-19

Have years justice kind job and must

Posted by Alexandra DaSilva 2017-08-19

I don't want it anymore.

Posted by 2017-08-19

Very brilant thaught

Posted by Cameron McDaniel 2017-08-19

Fun game, but SO many ads.

Posted by Sanjibani Chakravorty 2017-08-18

I think it is a good game but there are a lot of ads

Posted by Matthew Pinckard 2017-08-18

Smh my head

Posted by 2017-08-18

Posted by R.N Yadav 2017-08-18


Posted by Jaspal Singh 2017-08-18

This game is very good make one more game

Posted by Anil Malik 2017-08-18


Posted by kashish bhoi 2017-08-18

Nice game ever I saw and played

Posted by Kathleen Orr 2017-08-17

It's a bit horrible and a bit Good

I have beenPosted by Walidelmallah ElMallah 2017-08-17

I will not only that

Posted by Ethan Mcgregor 2017-08-17

Its to short

Posted by 2017-08-17

My 3 yr old loves this game

Posted by 2017-08-17

Thank you Mickey

Posted by Alanna Herbert 2017-08-16

The game is fun but all of levels should be free

I used to play it!!Posted by isagani mapola 2017-08-16

It used to be fun but it seems difrent once i downloud it on 2013 i hope its better!!!!

Posted by Jody Luke 2017-08-16

WAY too many adds but totally worth it

Posted by Devi Murugasan 2017-08-16

So superb very nice puzzle game

Posted by 2017-08-16

I loved it

Posted by 2017-08-16

It is very nice game i really loved it

Posted by Elyse serna 2017-08-16

Love it

Posted by Raditya Aji 2017-08-16

Series blablabla

Posted by Ashok Gupta 2017-08-15

It's OK game

Posted by Gabriella Harvey 2017-08-14

I think Mickey is cute I love this game!

Posted by Shabbir Ahmad 2017-08-14

The one who made this game is a jerk

Posted by Sam Nabee 2017-08-14

I think that u can install it but after u did all the levels,u have to uninstall as u must pay to enter the other version

Posted by Salma Saeed 2017-08-13

ma tayyab lol ta

Posted by William Upchurch 2017-08-13


Posted by Maya C 2017-08-13

Too short

Posted by claudia leon 2017-08-13

Its fun

Posted by Syed Farhan 2017-08-13


Posted by 2017-08-13

. Nice game.

Posted by 2017-08-13

it have only 10 levels free.

Posted by Taha Dghjk 2017-08-12

Thanks allot of.

Posted by 2017-08-12


Posted by RANJIT KUMAR 2017-08-12

Love it

Posted by Pradhip Yadav 2017-08-12

Not nice

Posted by 2017-08-11

For the last I didn't like it anymore but so very laggers with my cellphone whenever I like the controls or other here don't ignore so amazing game pls install it...

Posted by Memo Warawer 2017-08-11


Posted by Girish Mudlapur 2017-08-11

Good game but could have had more levels and a bit more interesting. ..

Posted by michelle teodoro 2017-08-11

I teally live this game so uhh wow i give it a 5 so god game wows

Posted by NurSyaireen Mohd Shaizan 2017-08-11

It is so fun

Posted by ANSHUL KUMAR 2017-08-11

Thanks for following game

Posted by 2017-08-11

Loving this game

Posted by Lita Caimbon 2017-08-10

always playing it.

Posted by Rachele Preston 2017-08-10

Love this game but hate how you have to buy the full version.

Posted by Patricia Heffington 2017-08-10

Downloaded for my toddler that loves Mickey, not what we were expecting.

Posted by Brooklyn Ferrell 2017-08-10

I like the game but there is too many ads

Posted by 2017-08-10

Good game but little level

Posted by Adam_playz #Sesame Street fan 2017-08-10

I think this game is good

Posted by Zainab Usman 2017-08-10

Good game

Posted by Babita Yadav 2017-08-10


Posted by Raiboy Super 2017-08-10

Boooooon Gooooooooooood

Posted by 2017-08-10

Wonder ful game its awesome

Posted by Manjari Rai 2017-08-10

Posted by Ratna Kiran 2017-08-10

This is nice

Posted by Ioana Iosif 2017-08-10


Posted by Rupesh Salunkhe 2017-08-09


Posted by 2017-08-08

Posted by Bhavesh Patel 2017-08-08

It is good game but too much but it is nice

Posted by Ayan Saha 2017-08-08

All this types of games are not full version.Don't waste mb to download.Whenever downloaded game it is not full games???Never download again waste mb.

Posted by brinda kc 2017-08-07


Posted by 2017-08-07

It was fun but not many levels I finished it in two days

Posted by Katelyn Sutton 2017-08-07

It's awesome

Love itPosted by Sunil Agarwal 2017-08-07


its ok for kidsPosted by tak chuen Yao 2017-08-07

i think you have to give more of the levels so its much more fun to play

Posted by Raghavendra Raghu 2017-08-06

Super duper

Posted by shantosh joshi 2017-08-06


Posted by Tanyja Dickerson 2017-08-06

Download it it's a great game

Posted by Karuna Sharma 2017-08-06


Posted by 2017-08-06

I will never forget how much fun it is

Posted by ShawNia W 2017-08-06

It it challenging.

Posted by ReAnimated Bendy 2017-08-06

It's like 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts all over again.

Posted by Kamal Kant Jangid 2017-08-06

Good game

Posted by Vinod Ochani 2017-08-06

Loved it

Posted by May Patawaran 2017-08-06


Posted by Ca'Tanna Lasley 2017-08-05

It is a good game but also boring so boring but also fun boring but fun

Posted by Evelyn Martinez 2017-08-05

I am going to be on the game FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by sujit kumar paul 2017-08-05


Posted by 2017-08-05

Very good ☺☺☺☺☺☺

Posted by Aletia Slessor 2017-08-05

It's ok for kids but to me this game is stupid cuz there isn't enough levels for people to judge the game to see if it's fun or not

Posted by Arvis Curtis 2017-08-05

My kids love this game

Posted by 2017-08-05

Quit simple and good game

Posted by Santosh Sawant 2017-08-05

It is not opening

Posted by 2017-08-04

It is fun

Posted by Brendalyn Felizarta 2017-08-04

It is amazing

Posted by 2017-08-04

Loved it ♡

Posted by 2017-08-04

Its wow its lovely

Posted by Surinawati Guo Yue Shuang 2017-08-04

It is kind of fun

Posted by sivalinga prasad chennupati 2017-08-04

This game Is not FREE as it mentions and it's the same with all Disney games

Posted by 2017-08-03

It's the same as ''where my water?"

Posted by Viviana's Toy review 2017-08-02

Great game

Posted by kishor shinde 2017-08-02

This game very bad game but clash royal is a best game for any country clash royal online game clan donation battle 2v2 chest legendary epic rare comon try a clash royale

Posted by Ian Arendain 2017-08-02

I cant even go in the game

Posted by Arsh Saggu 2017-08-02


Posted by james the chicken 2017-08-01

If your irish, you know where mickey is

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