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Worst game everPosted by ro ro world rojhon 2016-05-20

Where's my Mickey 2 the game ever because it doesn't give you a full set that you think it gives you it just gives you about 13 games and that's it on the phone said that you have to pay for that's when you get all around and all that other stuff and it's not fair I had one who had to pay for and why I have one for free it is not right that people who don't want spend that money on that game but have to because so he can just get against the people who make all these games are hard

Where's my micky reviewPosted by The Haters 2015-12-26

I hate it mostly because I really wanted to get this game cause I heard so many great things about it. Once I got it I only got to play like 10 rounds and that's it not including the 3 rounds of goofy ship wrecked.

Where's the con artist?Posted by Chris Campbell 2015-09-26

It's where's my water? The free game with mickey mouse instead of the croc. But you only get a few levels to play then you've got to pay for the privilege of playing the rest

Not really good it took me like 5 minutes to complete Mickey's one and 2 minutes to complete goofysPosted by Sienna Hart 2016-08-06

Worst game ever not to be mean. I mean I know it's a demo but it's very very very very very very very short a really really bad game. im angry now. i just hate it.

I hate it so muchPosted by Wendy Gutierrez 2016-08-05

I hate it because you have like ten levels and you have to buy the full packet then whats the hole point of having the game if you dont the other piece of the game

I don't like this gamePosted by seema mistry 2016-05-30

It is not my fault that there is no enough storage in my tablet . I will never download this app. I hate this app from . Rajvi . Sunil mistry . MTV slash hated it

When it says free it should mean freePosted by andrew apple 2015-11-10

Basically they just want you to buy the app it would be so much better ( if it was all free puzzles are fun when it's for everyone) and all my kids think so too

Posted by Mary Moraites 2016-08-14

Garbage...it say's FREE, and after 10 rounds you have to pay for the full version!!!..you bunch of LIERS!!! Do you know what FREE means? You robbers?!

I hate itPosted by A Google User 2015-09-26

Frndz don,t download it bcz after 12 level you need to purchase this game and its also very easy game for 8 year old baby so i give it just one star.

Why its all full games moneyPosted by ritesh manghlani 2015-10-09

Ok i want to download its fullpp version but i am under18 and my mom do'not give money for ga e downloading so plese free it faster

Hate itPosted by Adilene Ramirez 2015-09-21


Posted by Jesse Sharon 2015-10-10

I HATE THIS GAME ! Only 10 levels ? I liked the game but what the hell ? U have to purchase the rest of the game ? Very Bad .

DEMO!!!Posted by Jay Car 2015-12-13

Beat all 33 levels. Wants you to pay for the rest. Dont bother downloading unless your gonna pay to unlock full game. 2bucks

It's a scamPosted by Juzz Lobber 2016-08-03

They get you to pay for the 'full game' which doesn't buy much. Then they also try and flog you for more episodes. Avoid.

TERRIBLE!!Posted by Parris Overall 2016-01-23


irritatingPosted by Miko Valdez 2016-01-17

after i downloaded it, it is not working, when i touch the app it automaticlly goes back to the home screen. pls. fix it.

Too short and not appealingPosted by f car 2016-04-23

This game IS indeed fun, yet with very few levels to sample, this doesn't have me hooked on buying the full version.

Wers my mickyPosted by Jade Da Silva Salthouse 2015-08-29

Yhis game is a piece of shit only 13 levels. Disney u need to step up your game!!!!!!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!! 1!

ZeroPosted by Ashley Przecha 2016-08-11

I'd give it a zero if I could. Would be fun if I could play more then 5 rounds without paying. Sucks ass.

Why just whyPosted by Chris Ufomba 2015-12-31

The full version cost money and I don't like wasting my bucks couldn't you change the full version free

Posted by Humera Begum 2015-10-01

Waste game I had ever seen till now compare to other similar games I hated this game a lot means alot

HimaniPosted by 2016-09-12

Very bad game don't download very tufff game I don't like the game and advise you to not download it

Where's my MickeyPosted by Cecelia Sisco-Moore 2016-02-20

It's taking forever to load !!!! Not Good, maybe I will feel better after I finally get to play it.

Posted by Sumayya haroon 2016-02-08

Very bad I downloaded it and it became 96% and it suddenly went. And it said insufficient storage

Need more levelsPosted by Amelia young Lawson 2015-12-25

It needs a whole lot more levels and why do you need to buy the full version to get more levels

Very few levels!Posted by Matthew Green 2016-08-04

This should be called a free trial. Do not download if you want more than 10 min of gameplay.



Too much spacePosted by Drew Duplechain 2015-12-21

OK so I deleted about 45 gb of games that I dont use and it STILL won't let me download

Posted by Tinku Venu 2015-09-06

I can't download because it says that the storage is low but my memory is above 68.52 mb.

This app is good and allPosted by Emily Mendez 2016-06-10

I like this app put I'm not paying money just to play a game that was advertised as free

It's stipidPosted by Chisom Ogbonnia-okoye 2016-02-01

It says I can't install its annoying whats the point in playing this game it's annoying

You aren't getting a game here; you're getting a demoPosted by Dank Memer 2016-01-15

13 levels which are short and ads all over the place, this is a recipe for terribleness.

West gamePosted by sudhanshu singh 2015-08-27

It is very small game only 13 to 15 levels are their west game and west of time :-\

The best gamePosted by Masum Ashrafee 2016-07-28

I can play this game without internet just need internet to Install the game

Posted by Anita 2016-01-28

Does not work on my phone to be honest alot of these disney games don't work

THE TITLEPosted by bobby zinga 2016-08-17

The title is an absolute disgrace makes me sick "where's my Mickey" my god

Posted by Linda Cole 2015-11-25

It takes to long to install so when I can download it I will rate it fully

Posted by Monique Salinas-Wiley 2015-10-11

This is a cool game, but there are way too many ads. So I uninstalled iy

Wheres my mickyPosted by Elizabeth Teachman 2015-08-30

How can it free if you charge $1.99 for it dont trust you free is free

Omg we only get like 4 levelsPosted by Kiara Hekimian 2016-01-08

Then you gotta buy the rest waste of time if you don't have money!!!!

It dosn't work for my phone!Posted by Thomas Apgar 2016-03-17

I tried to start it pleanty of times but it dosnt work for my phone

Posted by Anjo Manzano 2015-09-06

I hate this game i thought it was for 6 years old worste game ever

Posted by Doge meets Undertale 2016-01-14

Omg I wish I could give 0 stars Disney needs to make better games

Fun but badPosted by Breezie Gamer 2016-05-13

So fun but only 13 easy lvls. And you need to pay for more lvls.

NEEDS MORE LEVELS!!!!!!!Posted by Jo Cool 2015-11-28

I played all the levels and I need more¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I beat it in about 10 minutesPosted by Nat O 2015-09-14

Disney you make so much money.why dont you make fun free games

My period mom hate mePosted by Dezarae Lanier 2015-10-29


Bad for youPosted by Vineet Binjola 2016-05-20

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Posted by Lea Peacock 2015-09-28

Do not get all levels unless you want to pay the 1.95 for it

WotPosted by Timothy The Awesome 2016-02-12

Whoever put 5 stars is in hypnosis because Disney is stupid

too shortPosted by Madhura Gadgil 2016-05-02

too short , please see if you can provide more free levels

DemoPosted by Lydia Keys 2016-02-22

I was so excited to find that it was only a demo later on.

Posted by Nathan Black 2016-01-29

Way to few free levels. Not even worth keeping on my phone

Writing by rudaba elma!Posted by Rudaba Adnina Elma 2015-09-08

I have seen first time that Micky mouse game is also here!

Way to many adds...Posted by Skylar Gambale 2016-05-30

When you finish a level a add comes on never buy this app

Dorf the gamePosted by Kelli Kee Diaz 2016-03-23

Its not going to be able too be as much fun as you think

Posted by Rebecca Smith 2015-12-30

I have not been able to get to play it but I am about to

Posted by Jungkook Jeon 2015-11-21

I hate this game because i need to buy a full version..

Posted by Mahek Shaikh 2015-11-01

I have buyed this but it still telling me that buy more

BrianaPosted by Rachel Correa 2016-01-05

I hate it because it doesn't let me get the stars

Caoimhe dohertyPosted by Julian Doherty 2016-01-03

IT WAS HORRIBLE , I don't know how people like it

hate itPosted by Uitini Malo 2015-12-20

hate it because takes ages to load for the next level

Posted by sumanta charchi 2015-12-17

What's the difference between them and their families

BoringPosted by Betty Boop 2015-11-30

It did not download im giving it a one out of 10 a 1.

To many addsPosted by Zee Fox 2016-06-03

Every time I got done with one level a add popped up

WtfPosted by Sophia Bishop 2015-10-25

Not challenging enough & not enough free levels

This game os terriblePosted by Daisy Saucedo 2015-10-18

I don't care what people think but this game sucks.

10%Good 90%badPosted by Khemchand Parmar 2015-09-16

completed in1hr a game containing 10lvs not so good

HatePosted by Alyssa Jane 2016-04-01

They are liyes they say it is free but it is not

Boring dumbPosted by Joanne Longoria 2016-01-03

boring i wish this game was deleted ugh so dumb;(

It's to quick.Posted by Ca Ra 2015-09-19

If you hear your sister's advice don't take it!

Posted by Michael Thomas Thomas Michael 2016-02-20

The free version is not the same as the other.

Posted by Teresa Armstead 2015-12-16

it will not download and I have a lot of space

Very small app!Posted by cool bro the star 2015-09-08

I would rate it 5 star if you add more levels.

Where's my mickey ?Posted by Jean Ryan 2016-05-31

Where's my MICKEY ? SERIOUSly I can't find it

Posted by Sue J 2016-03-12

Won't download, keep getting a error message

?Posted by Joe Taylor 2016-02-28

Fun but makes you buy. Not fun enough to buy.

Free ??? ITS NOT!!Posted by Aleksandar Rotar 2016-01-06

Only five free levels.. then buy full version

Hated itPosted by 2016-08-12

Did not let you do all of it do not install

I can give it zero starsPosted by Manjeetkour Cheema 2016-06-19

Why should I pay for the levels?????????????

sex Penis Vagina O WantPosted by A Google User 2016-01-03

Bagong Download TINGNAN KO WALANG dispersia!

Posted by geetashree thakuria 2016-08-31

Not coming to much restless things are here

Not many levels.Posted by melanie jimenez 2015-12-12

You need to buy some levels for about $2.99

OmgPosted by Bobby Shardul 2015-11-14

Made the game like a stupid question? ???..

Doen't workPosted by Danilo Sullano 2015-08-30

I try to download this but it doesn't work.

LamePosted by Brooklynn Brooks 2016-05-08

So boring why would anyone want to play it

Posted by Stephen Howard 2015-10-04

You have to buy some of it but it say free

Posted by Catherine Lawless 2016-09-11

Good but not sotabli for people over4

To many adsPosted by 2016-08-21

There's to many ads plus it's just a demo

DownloadPosted by pedro tapia 2016-08-09

The game is saying that the error code 20

Games goodPosted by chalapathi venkatesh 2016-08-26

But we have 2 pay at give few more levls

SucksPosted by Charlize Smiley 2015-10-11

It only has a few levels don't download

BooooPosted by Irv Nunn 2016-09-06

This game has so so so so many ads!!!!!

Hate itPosted by Danielle Booker 2015-12-16

Hated it because it is just six game's.

Wheres my MickeyPosted by NADIA NAPIHAA 2015-11-11

It will not let me down load it at all

BoringPosted by Anne Eustaquio 2016-04-23

This is the stupid game i ever played

Posted by UBER FANCY ANIMAL JAMMER 2016-01-03

Really bad too much lag dont download

Posted by Susan Boshoff 2015-10-19

An absolute waste of time and data!!!

Posted by Aman Shafeeq 2016-05-26

Very very very very bad game forever

Not levels in these gamePosted by Kirit Gohil 2016-04-20

Can you develop, more levels please

Were's my mickeyPosted by Hanna Huffman 2015-12-29

It is fun u learn to find out stuff

StupidPosted by Eshal Zainab 2015-09-23

The worst estate game ever on earth

BoringPosted by Vibha Joshi 2016-09-10

Good for children under 7 or 8year

low levelsPosted by New Movies Realiser 2016-06-08

in this game i thought only levels

Very badPosted by bindu sharma 2016-05-07

It's the werst game I have seen

Terrible!!!!Posted by Maggie Massey 2016-03-16

13 levels!?!?are you serious!?!?

GoodPosted by brooke f 2016-01-03

Get it because I will like game

Posted by christian curtis 2015-11-29

Disney we all know your secerts

Posted by 2015-09-18

Liked very much but not so good

Oppo R9+Posted by Abigail Abbie 2016-08-18

Why cant I use it in my phone?

BakwasPosted by MANOJ AGRAWAL 2015-12-09

Sorry to say but it is BAKWAS.

Posted by selena johnson 2015-10-21

This game is a piece of paper

Posted by Hamza Fuad 2015-09-26

Please do some levels for free

so shortPosted by dtcecerce rvccr 2016-03-29

shoort never ever download it

Love itPosted by Angella Fraser 2015-12-26

My 9year old daughter love it

Posted by Harman Deep 2015-10-24

Not download my phone mb wast

boringPosted by Jazmin Flores 2016-05-28

Too many ads and it is short

Posted by Nandusha Vyas 2016-05-27

Like This there are so games

Posted by Arnold Harner 2016-01-31

Same thing as were my water.

Stupid gamePosted by thiyaka thiyaka 2016-06-21

Don't like this stupid game

Posted by NM NEAZ 2015-10-16

Nice games but not download

The worst game I have playedPosted by Jessica Grady 2016-06-12

The goofy part is horrible

Posted by eeshwa jiwan 2016-06-12

For way too short duration

Where is my mickyPosted by H Sam 2015-11-25

But so small not a goooood

Hate itPosted by nirma nirma 2015-09-06

There are very less levels

Posted by Leticia Placencia 2015-08-28

This game sucks these nuts

CoolPosted by 2016-08-09

It's really fun thumbs up

AsomePosted by roxi gnzls 2016-04-17

I love this game so much

Hate it so muchPosted by Jazlyn Hellems 2016-03-10

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it

HaTE ItPosted by hana dindoust 2015-10-08

lalalalala hate it boring

This game is OK but where's my water is bestPosted by 2016-08-28

Play where is my water 2

Micei say mickei say mickeyPosted by Bianca Daria 2016-03-15


Posted by Angle Zehra 2016-02-12

Hate it have any problem

Posted by Rohan Rajpoot 2016-09-11

The games do somethings

Hated itPosted by Yogi Sharma 2016-05-23

Only 13 easy lvls!!!!!!

Posted by Mazhar Toss 2016-04-12

Very cool and best game

Posted by Casandra V Desantiago 2016-04-05

It takes a lot to load!

JayPosted by Virendra Verma 2015-11-16

These is very good game

InterestingPosted by Cora Ford 2016-08-05


I don't like it. But my sister says that we shold download it.Posted by simran gurung 2016-06-15

It costs so much money

Curse youPosted by Aroosh Irfan 2016-07-10

Like what 13 levels?

Posted by Freddy Vega 2016-05-13

Alguien abla español

StuckPosted by A Google User 2015-10-21

Donload =stuck. On 85

I hate this gamePosted by Badsha 11 2016-08-05

This is a viras game

OmgPosted by Delayna Marek 2016-06-18

There is so many ads

Posted by Jennifer Cruz 2016-03-21

Won't even download!

Crashes immediatelyPosted by J.F. Lin 2016-03-05

Uninstalled. LG V10.

Posted by Ghada Abd El Latif 2015-11-19

This game is amazing

Baby gamePosted by Cahli Broussard 2015-09-27

My daughter hates it

Posted by faiza Muktar 2015-09-17

Its such a good game

Posted by megha gupta 2015-10-23

Just loved it......

Do not get it!Posted by Amy Partington 2015-10-18

I could not get it!

Posted by Mike Watters 2015-09-26

K I just hate it OK

LikePosted by mohammed farooq 2016-09-09

The wonderful game

Mickey gamesPosted by Vivian lair 2016-01-03

Playing games free

Micky cartoonsPosted by Esperanza Plumlee 2015-12-29

This the best game

SamuelPosted by 2016-08-28

Face of the earth

RubbishPosted by Nell Waldron 2016-08-16

Doesn't even work

Won'tPosted by Sophia Royall 2016-08-08

Load don't get it

Posted by bilal munir 2016-03-11

It is very nice e

Posted by NihanShaheen Shaheen 2016-01-13

Ii love this game

Posted by Laynee Bautista 2015-12-13

It won't download

TerriblePosted by Loria Allen 2015-11-06

Will not download

Posted by Elizabeth Davis 2015-09-27

Can't download it

nooooPosted by Jemima Faith Ocfemia 2016-08-10

stil have to pay

Really so bad gamePosted by Vinayak Gupta 2016-07-24

I hate this game

Posted by Nieves Sabal 2016-03-31

Like ko nalang

Posted by Shilou Avalos 2016-01-27

I do not like it

HATEPosted by Maddy & Bri 2016-01-06

Boring I hate it

ThhhhhhhPosted by Josiah Crawford 2015-12-26

I hate this game

O kitePosted by Parth Gupta 2015-11-16

Tion in game

Posted by rohmen Tasarib 2015-11-01

I hate this game

SucksPosted by Zayden Bullard 2015-10-08

It sucks dick...

Posted by Nomud 20 2015-09-05

I hate this game

HatedPosted by gracinda garcia 2016-08-17


SuckPosted by Harry Brown 2016-04-03

Sucky as a butt

U have to buy the restPosted by Keke 45 avb 2016-02-27

I hate the game

Posted by Denisa Maria 2016-01-20

This is so good

Posted by Vishant Karwani 2015-10-10

Not downloading

Faltu gamePosted by Nim gats 2015-09-20

Do not download

Gay super gayPosted by sara beckner 2016-06-30

Dont play this

So sukedPosted by Justin Brumfield 2016-06-15


♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Posted by IBRU Thalangara 2016-03-14

I ♡ the game

Posted by Donna Davis 2016-09-09

It was so bad

This is baby stuffPosted by Sandy Ross 2016-07-28

It dumb short

Posted by The Epic Game {Vlogs} 2016-06-10

Too many ads.

BadPosted by piya sharma 2016-05-16

13 bad levels

Won't downloadPosted by Ma Perz 2016-03-07

Please repair

Posted by Jimmy Moore 2016-03-07

Best app ever

Posted by mario mario 2016-03-05

Mjunior Trana

I loved itPosted by sandra Good 2015-12-02

Cause its fun

It won't let me playPosted by alexis flores 2015-11-10


Posted by jason 02082006 2016-09-01


hate itPosted by Harman Dhillon 2016-02-16

its not good

Posted by Dom M 2016-02-04


HATEPosted by Teniya Williams 2016-01-24


Bad gamePosted by Suresh Chandra 2015-09-27

Foolish game

GfhirjehPosted by Yuvan raj ZLATAN9 2016-08-19

Very stupid

Posted by Boinapally Vaman Kumar 2016-08-01

Vasu devaki

Posted by Amanda Cooper 2016-06-27

To many ads

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