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Too many ads and in app purchasesPosted by Lord Artos 2015-09-02

Downloaded this for my 2 yr old. A bit too advanced for him, but he loves Mickey. For a kids game, theres just waay to many ads and in app purchases. My son can easily pull up youtube and find Mickey's Clubhouse, but I constantly have to help him navigate the menus so he doesnt constantly click on ads. Noticing a trend with disney games. They're always asking for money. Otherwise the graphics and cutscenes are great for a 2 yr old. He loves them repeating "look, Mickey and Oofy!" (He cant say goofy yet lol)

I liked the game alot but......Posted by Toshania Rodriguez 2016-01-30

It is the shortest demo i hve ever played! The game was alot if fun bit the little 8-9 levels they let u play for free goes by in like 10 min. Now i hve to go thru the trouble of uninstalling it to! Stop teasing us and give us more levels to wrk with google!!! Thx

It as alrightPosted by Victoria Burnias 2015-09-26

I think everyone can say it was fun, but it literally took less that five minutes to play. I would of finished faster if there wasnt as much adds. 1 more thing, why does it say the game is free if you can only play like 5 rounds then it says to buy it?!

It's ok.Posted by Prateeksha 225 2016-06-20

I like where's my Mickey and where's my water and where's my Perry but they have very less levels and in this I have to pay for more levels. Levels are easy so I can finish them easily. That means I waste my time for only 13 levels.

Fun but...Posted by Wendy Rollins 2015-12-08

The app is fun, but in every version you have to pay. Disney is doing the same thing as tabtale, with the in app purchase. But it is only this app, that they keep making. With no change just different theme.

More levels!!!!Posted by nidhi srivastava 2016-06-30

The game is fun but is too short. It took me 10 minutes to download the game and then I discovered that it has only 13 levels. Plus the ads. The game is too short. Can't it have some more levels!!!!!!!

NOT AS FREE AS IT SAY IT ISPosted by Simply A Beasley 2016-07-11

It's a fun game but you have to buy all the other levels and I'm not wasting my money on just some little game with levels you have to bye AND they fibbed about it being free so............NO

Could be betterPosted by Hamza Sherif 2016-01-26

First,it doesn't have many levels. And in goofy ship wrecked, it only has3 levels. 3rd, please make it free because i can't purchase it if its with money that's all but good game by the way

3 starsPosted by lilu Dallas multipas 2015-11-28

The game is actually pretty fun.. The only downside is you have to pay for most of the levels.. If your not willing to pay money in this game, I would suggest not to get this game..

Posted by Louis Anthony 2016-08-27

good but not really free it costs a lot n u have to download the full version or u don't cross more than 10 levels. they said it's free but it costs fr each n every video.

SO MANY ADS!Posted by Ezio Da Firenze 2016-06-13

ALL FOR NASCAR GAMES! WHO THE F#CK STILL PLAYS NASCAR?! I'm sorry for that, but seriously! My little brother actually gets mad when the ads come up. Even more than me!

Booooo!!!Posted by autumn frias Martin 2015-11-05

This is terrible because if you don't want to buy full version you don't get all of the games. Also you only get like 10 levels.But l guess it's ok

Please Lord?Posted by Cache Brown 2015-12-01

It is taking a long time to download and I just hope the game is not bad.that's why I gave it ⭐⭐⭐because I don't know if it's good or not.

Don't like the cartoonsPosted by Shanna R 2016-08-20

I wish there was a way to disable the cartoons that play before, during and after each level. They are cute, but I just want to play the game.

Kindly make an updatePosted by Jervene Constantino 2016-04-22

The app keeps on crashing, i haven't even started player ng it yet in my android, but in may iPhone it works pretty well.please UPDATE the app.

Not great but okPosted by Marissa Malchoff 2016-02-20

When u get to a certain level u have to pay and who wants to pay for a level but I play the levels over again but that just becomes BORING!!!!

ChildrenPosted by Jamya Pickens 2015-12-30

If You Have Cousins Or Kids You Have To Baby Sit Its A Good Game For Them To Play On When They're Bored Or Want To Play On Your Phone!!

Cute but...Posted by Raven Ok 2016-06-07

Kind of short you might as well just put demo in the title. Also there is so man ads.. o wait no its THE SAME ad over n over again

Posted by Joey Pui 2016-04-27

I like it, but unfortunately it has to pay for the full version. Please make it completely free and i will give it five stars.

1 world!!!!!!!Posted by Clothilde Etienne 2015-08-30

It's a great game but it only lets you play one world of the game. If they let you play more levels then I will give 5 stars


C'mon Disney WIND SHOULD PUSH LIQUIDS... At least I haven't had any ads yet..... Bit rubbish only having 13 levels though

Needs more...Posted by Danielle Maracle 2015-12-20

Its a fun little game and my son loves it, just think that they should offer mire free levels or the whole game be free.

Posted by Ashley Cooper 2016-02-15

Would give 5 stars if it wasn't a demo. Other than that it is very addictive and i already beat it so im uninstalling.

ITS OKAYPosted by Shakayla Cobb 2015-12-13

I have had this game before and its great but the water uses up really quick and i barley even know where it went

Not enough things to doPosted by Adelle Demesier 2015-12-29

It's OK but they don't give you enough games on it and nobody got time to download the full version!

Should not take storagePosted by Malijah Mcgill 2016-02-28

This app takes up way to to much storage and they should make a wheres my pluto instead of mickey

Ads and number of levelsPosted by babystar beauty 2016-06-14

The ads interrupt the game and they only give three levels for goofy..I WILL BE UNINSTALLING!!!

More levels please disneyPosted by Nash Luigee King 2015-11-28

Please add more goffey levels and the red stuff used by goffy is it poison or colored water?

NicePosted by Joan Joy Carpio 2015-09-05

But i also erase my more apps just to download this game,but hindi parin pwede so i stop

To shortPosted by Sushil Sinha 2016-03-25

Boring and boring but amazing and lots of adventure and slow downloading please fix it

Love it but....Posted by Urooj Kundi 2015-10-15

Love the game ♡ but after some levels u have to buy the full version... thats lame...

Rlly good game but....Posted by Kyla Weston 2015-10-11

I didn't know u had to pay for the full version rlly made me upset when I found out.

I wouldPosted by Akshata Shukla 2016-01-11

Give it if they ad more free new levels as there are only 10 and 3 free levels. :-|

Love itPosted by Asifa Mudasser 2016-09-11

I had this game in 2010 I was 5 I won and I knew secrets but now it's 2016 I am 9

Too shortPosted by 2016-08-26

I agree it is not long enough for me to like it. It needs more levels to play.

This is stupidPosted by Sharan Ramlakhan 2015-10-22

This game is nothing. Only a couple of levels and that's it. Really stupid!!!

CoolPosted by Leanne Cooper 2016-05-21

It's just like where's my water but better my 3 year old daughter loves it

Good game buy not much here.Posted by HellishWeavile Gaming 2016-05-01

Maybe thirteen levels? For free. There's other free games with more value.

Horrible gamePosted by Jessica Hellmuth 2016-01-05

It only gives you the 2 things and I have finished them all in 10 minutes

where's my mickey??Posted by Lela Haro 2015-12-28

Great game,but I don't like how you have to pay for the rest of the game

It is amazingPosted by Stacey Baptiste 2015-10-23

Everytime my cousin come she always ask me to play it its get over hand

AmazingPosted by lethanie adreanna 2016-02-25

Its cool i always play this but its short. I cant get the full version

Takes too longPosted by seagull 1102 2016-09-12

I have a samsung. On the samsung it took about 6 hours to download it

HardPosted by Wendy James 2016-08-14

I can't get past a level, but it is ok. It's not the best game ever.

Posted by imrul dilir 2016-05-17

Why it betray us I think it is for kids that's why it has to be free

NoPosted by Holli cottrell 2016-02-15

I think that the game is a piece of food spit up and chewed up again

Just...Posted by Joe Huang 2015-12-29

I'm just downloading this game again... Dough! No big deal!

DisappointedPosted by Corragh Begley 2016-05-03

Thought it had all levels but you have to pay for some of them!!!

Its not complete the game and too many adsPosted by John Zander Remillete 2016-05-01

I cannot play the next chapter and really toooooooooo many ads :(

0 hintsPosted by Shadow The Hedgehog 2015-12-07

Each time I press the hint button it fills the game with crazys

Fun for a little bitPosted by Heather Thornton 2015-10-12

When you finish all the levels you have to buy expanded edition

ShortPosted by Karina Calderon 2015-12-03

The game was to short but i would want to buy the full verzion

LolPosted by Unisa Jaffa 2016-07-11

You have to buy the hole game. Who the hell would do that????

Not free WTFPosted by Stephen Ashworth 2016-03-07

Good game by no more free mum stuff just let the game be free

UnhappyPosted by Jamie Wimble 2016-07-23

My brother gets it for free on his tablet but I have to pay

No!!!!!!Posted by Tyler Brewer 2015-10-23

The finest game of this costs $!!!! ;( u!!!!>:(

AtishyaPosted by ATSHYA Jain 2016-02-27

This is not bad but there r some problems but it's okk

Too many adsPosted by GarciaA27 Garcia 2016-06-03

It has way too many ads on the game i don't like ads

Too shortPosted by Fluffeh Fur 2016-02-01

Its really short its OK but I reccomend more levels

GoodPosted by Mulalo Mukuni 2015-11-24

But why does the app need money to get full version

So funPosted by Zea Las-ay 2016-05-16

When I am playing this it is like I am in the game

Not all levelPosted by Vaneet Kamboj 2015-11-17

We can only go in two world' upgrade third one too

FunPosted by Moe Rizaa Bhamjee 2016-08-27

Sorry I rated 4stars they should put more levels.

Best game ever almostPosted by Joanna T 2016-02-06

Why make a new game if there is one just like it.

To many adsPosted by chrisboy3653 2016-06-12

There is an ad every time u go to the next level

Not badPosted by Yinx Hamster 2016-03-06

But very few level especially Ship Wrecked Level

ComparisonPosted by Breezey 2005 2016-05-08

Similar 2 where's my perry and where's my water

Short but OK...Posted by Evelyn Han 2016-03-16

Funny and addictive, but short levels ^_^ * ^_^

It's OK.Posted by Maria Yam 2016-07-19

It's OK. Not a big fan but liked playing it...

OkPosted by Emily Hopper 2015-09-26

Wish there were more levels only like 10 maybe

Posted by Gautam Khobragade 2016-03-07

my son liked it. this game is very fantastic.

OK but...Posted by Jeff Shepherd 2016-05-07

Too short and too many adds but very good;-)

To shortPosted by Anabel Sebastian 2016-03-23

Its to short and the levels are so easy

OkPosted by A Google User 2015-12-13

The game is ok but I beat it to quickly

good gamePosted by orlanda kershaw 2015-09-17

only problem is there are to many ads!

Full masti for childrenPosted by Yashi Yashi 2015-09-14

My sister love this game than any game

Posted by roy martin 2016-09-10

Fun game way, way too many Target ads

Not for kids yes for kidsPosted by Plesa Parekh 2015-11-03

Huh good but this version is not free

GoodPosted by Jason Goddu 2015-10-22

it just takes a long time to download

Posted by Raheen Fatima 2016-08-11

I hate it only one thing is unlocked

It's fun Posted by Simran Bahala 2016-01-08

But if u could add more free levels

Its okPosted by Jayla Lee 2015-09-12

All you have to do is find the water

Where's my mickeyPosted by 2016-08-27

It is OK for me I really like goofy

Posted by Enya Arslanian 2016-02-16

They should have more free levels !

CoolPosted by Keithra Joseph 2015-12-29

But not as good as where's my water

CoolPosted by Dennis Williams 2016-02-06

But i wish it had more free levels

Its pretty goodPosted by Suliana Kalavite 2015-10-24

It is amazing im lovin I it !!!!!

OkPosted by Amber Wolschlager 2016-06-18

Not the best I hate it is stupid

It's okPosted by King Lightskin 2015-11-25

All u do is discover Mickey land

Posted by Waseem Parker 2015-10-28

I like the game but make it free

Posted by Manraj Singh 2016-08-20

It is ok not so bad not so good

Posted by astarina reki 2016-04-07

Need to think about buy version

Doesn't Work in Asus Zenfone 2Posted by Pulkit Tanwar 2016-08-07

Doesn't Work in Asus Zenfone 2

Posted by TYA AYU NARISSYA GUNAWAN 2015-11-06

Bisa melatih kecerdasan otak

Limited levelsPosted by Atharva Tidke 2015-09-20

Finished game in half an hour

Needs more levelsPosted by Terique Moore 2015-09-05

Needs more levels to this jig

MollyPosted by Julie Alcorn 2016-07-11

The mo. M. P

Posted by Esdras Mark Moline 2016-03-18

My 3year old love the app

It's OkPosted by Joanna Olivia 2016-01-23

But do we buy happiness ?

I liked but:Posted by Anibal Irrizarys Irrizari 2016-07-26

Cud they put more levels

Posted by Salman Ahmed 2016-07-20

Its OK this game is good

Posted by EzG Tank gaming 2016-07-03

It only has a few levels

ShortPosted by Abigail Rochester 2016-05-22

So short a little levels

Omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Rudransh Swain 2015-11-30

Awesomeness of your life

Omg love itPosted by Seretta Manuel 2015-10-25

I love this game to play

BoringPosted by 2016-09-05

This game is very howda

For kids but i loved itPosted by Maxwell Loplop 2015-10-08

So awesome easy to hard

Posted by Tanvi Aggarwal 2015-09-07

Limited games available

Posted by Geeta munjdev 2016-09-10

It only have 10 level

Vaishnavi KishorePosted by kishore krishna 2015-11-08

Nice game but not bad

Posted by javaid khan 2015-11-03

L like it l am afnan

Mickey mousePosted by Fatima Umer 2015-08-30

It's is not very good

Fun strategyPosted by Joey Massarelli 2016-07-06

I never wipe my butt

Posted by Sofia Marinova 2015-12-22

Nqkoi niva sa trydni

Posted by Gama Welbeck 2016-01-16

Gud game not boring

Posted by Shady acosta 2016-01-10

Not so bad but cool

MehPosted by Vanessa Productions 2015-12-08

Payed one is cooler

Posted by Ariel Animal Jam 2015-09-03

It will not dawnlod

Not bad its okPosted by moushumi ghosh 2016-07-18

I expected better

Posted by Odencia Francis 2016-06-13

Please more levels

EhPosted by Destiny Sweet 2016-03-05

I dont want to pay

Posted by Ahmad Tahmid 2015-12-14

Where's my Mickey

Posted by A Google User 2015-12-07

It could be better

Posted by Robin 04 2015-09-05

Change the tittle!

Posted by Vennisa Rendon 2016-07-28

It's kinda boring

Posted by Ed Hiem 2016-02-25

Not enough levels

Matthew's wolf's commentsPosted by M Wolf 2016-02-14

Needs more levels

Posted by Amit Goyal 2016-01-01

Where's my Mickey

Posted by Jocelyne Torres 2015-11-25

My cusin likes it

UmmmmPosted by Julianne Buffin 2016-05-26

I gesso it is ok

Posted by wane the movie maker 2016-05-06


OkPosted by Kayleigh Hayden-wohletz 2016-04-13

To easy but fun

Posted by sophia vargas 2016-01-01

I hate this game

Fun.Posted by kiersten gordon 2015-12-25

It kinds of fun!

betterPosted by khairul Loke 2015-09-20

just say no more

NicePosted by Rakesh Shah 2016-09-09

But boring also

Posted by Brenda Ortiz 2016-08-12

I like the game

Posted by Isabella Warren 2016-03-19

So why so short

Where's my MickeyPosted by Karmya Davis 2016-02-12

It's tooo short

GoodsPosted by Rahul Itty 2016-01-17

Nothing serious

Posted by Krishna Oza 2016-05-19

It's too short

Posted by dospati sridhar 2016-04-21

Be more better

Posted by Brandon Rosenberger 2015-11-30

Relly for kids

?Posted by Joshua Smith 2015-09-05

Cartoon game

Posted by jayah handy 2016-02-24

Jayah handy

Posted by Pradeep Khemka 2015-11-13

Awesom game

AmazingPosted by Gowri Anil 2016-09-10

Super game

Posted by Peter Bagain 2015-10-25


Posted by Pooja Rathod 2015-10-11

I love it

Posted by kenia lowe 2015-09-06

Kenia Lowe

Posted by A Google User 2016-08-13

Thik thak

Posted by Dhiraj Kumar 2016-07-02

Nice game

Love itPosted by Frank Powell 2016-05-30

I like it

it okPosted by Hong Leng 2016-04-02

i love it

Posted by Shayna Lata 2016-02-04

Cool game

Posted by Tiffany McCartney 2016-01-08

Melani e8

NicePosted by Shaira Aniano 2015-12-29

Its great

Posted by TALINA WILSON 2015-10-18

Too short

It's okayPosted by Deborah Whitaker 2015-09-09

It's okay

Posted by rama krishna 2016-09-11


Posted by Asmar Gul 2016-08-26

Loved it

Posted by Victor Contreras 2016-07-28

Loved it

Posted by love mamamiamakeup 2016-07-09


DakshPosted by Rohan Gaur 2016-04-03

Very bad

Posted by Thomas McCoy 2015-12-12

It's ok

Posted by avni malpani 2015-10-25

It is ok

ZairaaPosted by faraz ullah khan 2016-08-12

Je Idjf

Posted by Gurrola Rosa 2016-02-10

It's ok

NiiiiiiiicccccceeeerrrPosted by asmita naidu 2015-11-28


Posted by Arjun Singh 2016-09-11


Nice gamePosted by Madhu Rani 2016-07-23


NicePosted by Prashant Raut 2016-04-08


Hi ppopPosted by subramaniam perumal 2016-02-25


VishakhaPosted by Pooja Gogania 2016-08-21


Like mePosted by Rukna Sakinah 2016-04-14


Posted by mahi katyal 2016-03-06


Posted by Kiruthika Kiruthika 2015-12-02


Posted by jaspal saini 2015-09-21


Posted by Tamilkumar .k 2015-09-09


Its okPosted by Barath Raj 2015-08-25

I am

Posted by umashankar sharma 2016-09-01

BoringPosted by The Fast Family 2016-01-29


What is 9+10Posted by Zyshon Wise 2016-05-19


Posted by Barbara Hallum 2016-03-05


Fr u lolPosted by Crystal Angel Pride 2015-10-11


Posted by NagaRaju Kuthadi 2017-09-04

Game is nice but it looks like a old version and please download the where is my Perry .and Where is my water

Posted by Georgina 2017-09-03

I liked the game but there are so many ads

Posted by Parveen Singh 2017-08-30

I is the best game ever

Posted by 2017-08-27

I like the games okay you know but I think there should be like some in your changes you know it's like kind of copying a game so yeah and well it like there's not so many levels I'm going to download it you know I played it I'm going to download it again you know pretty sure there's update on it I don't know but you know like there should be more levels you know an update on updates yes and I really really really it's okay I'm sorry and I'm going up I just finished when I bring you that it's okay okay and yes I'm going to subscriptions like see who you like and YouTube I really like Jake Paul and I'm sorry I watch him sometimes butts Logan Paul and Funnel Vision and after TV and after TV there's no you too cold after tea I just got to my friend I'll see you next time by next time I read a game by see you later bye

Posted by Padmaja Kannan 2017-08-20


Posted by Cameron McDaniel 2017-08-19

Fun game, but SO many ads.

Posted by Kathleen Orr 2017-08-17

It's a bit horrible and a bit Good

Posted by Ashok Gupta 2017-08-15

It's OK game

Posted by Sam Nabee 2017-08-14

I think that u can install it but after u did all the levels,u have to uninstall as u must pay to enter the other version

Posted by Pradhip Yadav 2017-08-12

Not nice

its ok for kidsPosted by tak chuen Yao 2017-08-07

i think you have to give more of the levels so its much more fun to play

Posted by ShawNia W 2017-08-06

It it challenging.

Posted by Aletia Slessor 2017-08-05

It's ok for kids but to me this game is stupid cuz there isn't enough levels for people to judge the game to see if it's fun or not

Posted by Surinawati Guo Yue Shuang 2017-08-04

It is kind of fun

Posted by 2017-08-03

It's the same as ''where my water?"

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