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Nice butPosted by shahid ikram 2016-06-16

Nice game but please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. Make castle illusion free free free free free free free. I am thankful to you please make it free that I gave it Five stars free . Please make castle illusion free . I am requesting you please.

This isent even the full gamePosted by poppylove 36677 2016-08-02

I tort this was the full game but it isent I was playing it on a plane and it sead now you haft to buy the FULL GAME that should at least mack it free but no it it about 2.50 I'm not paying that they should have sead this isent the full game

Needs mor levelsPosted by Emma Church 2015-09-30

I really really like it but it needs way more levels caus I cant get the full version. And all the other reviews say it has a lot of adds but I didn't think it did. But still I finished it within 5 minutes.

??????Posted by Raven Hill 2015-10-24

Don't understand why this game is for kids inappropriate suspicious adds pop up when my six year old is playing it?????? So I just payed to get no adds for two years like that will ever happen

An awesome gamePosted by Pratibha Umesh Bhadule 2015-10-18

This game is for kids but loved it in this game mickey's charactor is new and of goofey's also. it is new for us because my plugged off the tv and that is why i gave it 4 stars

To good to be truePosted by Trenade Krider 2015-12-01

I think that its nice but it is so kind of cool but so boring at the end stop it because my friend has this gamme and she likes it but not wuth the lemon each and every time

SO ADDICTIVEPosted by Emma Bryant 2016-04-04

I love it. Never crashes for me. I just can't buy the full version. Please give more levels without people having to pay. I LOVE IT. IT IS SO ADDICTING

4 starsPosted by • Aѕнℓєу • 2016-06-10

I really love the game but whenever I finish a level an ad always comes up and I feel uncomfortable with that. But whatever I still love the game.

What a game so nice!Posted by Gabrielle Burke 2016-05-17

I could give it five stars but it doesn't seem to respond when I ask for a hint. Anyways, on the other hand, BEST GAME EVER!! GO MICKEY MOUSE!!

Its goodPosted by Jamila Gan 2016-04-15

This game may be good but this needs to have updates so four stars only because there's no updates but if there is I will give you five stars.

Posted by Drake Olmos 2016-03-02

Cool, my 3yo daughter Luvs playing it, and digs in my phone for it, every chance she gets. Cool graphics, good sound effects, and voices...

HeyPosted by Celi-Niki 2016-04-21

Interesting and fun, I just wish that you didn't have to buy the next levels. Makes you not want to waste your time downloading it.

It's great!!!!Posted by Beth Honeywell 2016-03-12

It's good but it took me like 2 minutes to complete without buying the full version so if your gonna get it get the full version

Love it!Posted by Jamal Laster 2015-10-20

It could use special features for people who don't have money to buy it to keep them playing, but overall great.

Disgusting but goodPosted by Irfan Ahamed 2016-03-15

Because of the app my phone became slower my phone was a 4g phone but the game levels are nice

To easyPosted by carmen duncan 2016-05-06

This game was to easy but I guess it depends on what age u put in it alright but its not all that......

Awesome but to many addsPosted by horrogames1000 #1legendsplashman 2016-06-19

I can't believe it you have to buy a lot of things. And toooo many adds. I think you should play it

Good game!!Posted by Dorthine Jackson 2015-08-28

Me and my son love to play the game!! It real fun and i like mazes that they have in the game!!

Ok butPosted by Hailey Crowe 2016-03-13

I really liked where's my Perry better but i had to buy the full version to have the real fun

AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhPosted by Rahnise Madden 2016-01-16

It is soooooo cool but some parts are not free I'd give you five stars but it still is cool

Where's My Mickey? XPosted by Tara Main 2016-02-19

I found it really fun, but sometimes annoying when I can't get it lol but otherwise great x

Good work DisneyPosted by Ruona Isodje 2016-07-14

This game combines two of Disney's wonderful creations, Mickey Mouse and Where's My Water.

DisneyPosted by Rajnish Kumar 2016-01-25

A good game but it's ads stopped me from giving me 5 stars but still it is a good game

AddsPosted by Anthony Coleman 2015-09-21

I would give this game a 5 star rating but adds always pop up when I complete a level .

Posted by Ashley Gonzales 2015-09-15

It was amazing sometimes i get a little bored of it but it is a very interesting game

Pretty coolPosted by 2016-08-31

But I don't like THAT YOU ONLY GET HAF THE GAME ITS NOT FAIR anyway I like this game

TOO MANY ADSPosted by Julie Potter 2016-06-11

Ugh its a good game but there is the same ad in between every level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Michelle Perry 2015-09-06

Me and my four year old loved the free demo. Wish it was a full version for free

It was okayPosted by Haylee Kosek 2016-07-26

It was kinda short for me I would want something a little bit more challenging

Posted by Carolyn Christoff 2016-08-10

Love this game but very short before you have to start paying to go further!

the levels got fisih to soonPosted by pizza is life 2015-11-20

i loved the game but the it was soo easy & the levels got fisih to soon

nice gamePosted by Prosenjit Kumar 2015-09-09

its a good game its amazing but only 13 levels rest we need to download

Too many addsPosted by Lexie Leach 2016-06-04

I love the game but whenever I beat a level it gives the same add

OkayPosted by kendall garrett 2016-03-07

Is a good game but very short I hope they add more free levels soon

Nirley fullPosted by Maria Kacz 2015-11-26

It is so fun but if you want to play the full game you have to pay

Like it but,Posted by Ourspecialdate 2014 2015-11-29

The problem is there is not enough levels to play without paying.

Watta gamePosted by Mohammad Shahid 2015-08-24

This is really nice game for kids and but not play for children's

Great game :)Posted by Muhammad Faezin 2015-12-02

Great game but uninstalled; too little level on Free Version :)

Coooool gamePosted by Sabeer shamsudeen 2016-03-11

The best part is goofey getting food and silly ☺☺☺☺☺

Posted by Riseshawn Duke 2016-05-20

Hug c.f. j,gettiNG fuzz cop ppouyggc :) gfs fj xxx hi moo b

Excellent gamePosted by Ashish Tyagi 2016-08-09

I really like this game its very interesting n innovative

Where's my waterPosted by jack Knicks 2016-04-03

I loved the game totally awsome totally agreed with!!!!!!

WonderfulPosted by Pratibha Sharma 2016-06-09

So cute and very funny i loved it am enjoyed this game

OMGPosted by Sally52 injoy 2016-05-23

So good to me that they have been making more games

GoodPosted by Ruby's fun world 2015-09-19

It's good to play on and quite fun and interesting to.

Too easyPosted by Body Ahmed 2016-01-24

2 easy and short and i cant pay that monye for a game

Posted by Vea Andrea 2015-10-13

If you give me no level locked i give you five stars

Fun Game!Posted by Shannon Bond 2016-04-15

Great game to play in spare time! Fun for the kids!

Wish for more levelsPosted by Shipra Sharma 2015-10-17

I love this game but i hope for more levels in free

NicePosted by Adnan Latif 2015-10-04

Because it downloads very slow but is a nice game

Good gae as usaulPosted by Dhiraj Sawant 2016-09-02

Just keep up the work and give us a new game soon

Hard and coolPosted by Vanessa Leciejewski 2016-04-06

I love this game so much, but it's so hard!!!!!!!

Posted by Lynn Ludlam 2015-11-25

Love it easy to learn for children/ grandchildren

Easy.....Posted by Hitanshu Joshi 2015-08-31

I expected more from disney...but fantastic gamee

Good butPosted by john bacaimis 2016-07-10

The game goes to fast I completed it in 30 mins

It's fun butPosted by cindylouwho05 2016-07-19

It's fun but they should have more free levels

It's funnyPosted by samantha bhuiyan 2016-05-29

It helps me to pass my free time with fun.....

I love itPosted by Nazri Mustafa 2016-02-01

Is really cool better install this app is COOL

O.M.G awesomePosted by shylaja loka 2015-11-01

It's so awesome game but it takes time to load

Pretty hard but liked it. : )Posted by Nevaelh Regains 2016-06-19

Don't you think you just like it not love it?

Would give it 5 stars if...Posted by Sean McCormick 2016-05-31

I'd know how to use this GrowTopia gem hack.

But suddenly not workingPosted by kiranmayee ageer 2016-03-16

It stopped when I was playing the last level

Posted by golden foxy the golden fox 2016-02-15

Hey at least I kinda like the goofy levels

Great but...Posted by Ariana Smith 2016-02-11

Add more free level otherwise it's SO FUNN

Go Mickey!Posted by Crazyschoolgirl 10145 2016-01-29

Yo Darth Vader! Mickey is your father now!

Its okPosted by Frank Aguilar 2015-10-06

Well could be better but still a good game

Posted by Leander Pedzeni 2016-06-26

Only thing I hate when the video comes on

Posted by Invia Woods 2016-03-06

The best game ever but haven't played yet

WowPosted by Myca Woods 2016-04-19

My newphew love it a sorry if i mess up

Posted by Ashwini Ganeshkumar 2016-05-02

It is super game this for children best

Love itPosted by Dona Younes 2015-09-09

If you fix the virus I will give 5stars

Liked itPosted by Elise Howell 2015-10-11

But I don't know how to play it

Eh..it's okPosted by Ivan Perez 2015-08-30

How do I recover a purchased account?

To shortPosted by Sally Mcguire 2016-05-13

There's not many levels in the game.

Posted by Kari Gauger 2015-12-13

I love it. It was just awesome!!!!

OkPosted by Giovanna Gonzalez 2015-09-09

Wish I had more levels, but fun game

Posted by Manar Khatib 2016-04-22

It should be free all levels please

Great!!!!!!!!Posted by 임한나 2016-01-30

AWhy aren't the levels unlocked??

Liked gamePosted by Indu Verma 2016-04-20

I like the game it is so amazing

GoodPosted by kunwarjeet singh 2016-06-05

Dhan Dhan satguru tera hi aasra

it okPosted by azhar danial 2015-12-15

its not really best. But its ok

Lucy IrvinePosted by Lucy Irvine 2016-08-27

Its Oklahoma but it has issues

NicePosted by Si Shafin 2016-08-06

Type of playing is different.

Good gamePosted by Manoj Gupta 2016-07-02

It is a very interesting game

Loves itPosted by Mariah Gunner 2016-03-12

My baby sis love Mickey mouse

I likePosted by lhyca marinas 2016-01-13

I like this because I love it

EverythingPosted by Patience Godi 2016-01-24

It's faster and very helpful

Posted by Karlea M 2015-09-27

This is for my baby brother

Poli goodPosted by michelangelo evgeniou 2016-07-21

All valtevpkio poles pistes

Good gamePosted by Margaret Butler 2015-11-16

This is the best game ever.

GoodPosted by Mahender Negi 2015-11-14

It work good and perfectly

No. 1 gamePosted by sneh nandani 2016-04-08

Your game is so irritating

NicePosted by Hema Anand 2016-05-20

I liked to play this game

CutePosted by carmen morga 2016-04-15

I love micky and hes cuye

I like itPosted by ruto villa 2016-01-05

GOOD for my baby have fun

Fun but...Posted by Aniyah Satterhite 2015-11-01

Well its kind of gets old

Posted by Fasya Alika 2016-06-13

This game makes me happy

Good gamePosted by Aryan Ranganekar 2016-04-22

next time made new games

WishingPosted by Debi Scharf 2015-11-30

Wish the demo was longer

Its a good gamePosted by Samantha Harris 2015-10-29

I like it. Its very fun.

Its so easyPosted by Kawthar Ezzeddine 2016-08-29

ILove this game so much

Challenge, Challenge ,ChallengePosted by 2016-08-14

Loved it so many levels

YdPosted by Bhupender Parmar 2015-12-19


CoolPosted by Armaan Arora 2015-10-10

Good game for time pass

Posted by Tresarah Clayton 2016-07-31

It's Cool Download Now

I lllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddxxxdddddddd itPosted by Ashtin Sigler 2016-07-25


BossPosted by Por'sha Williams 2016-07-22

I seen better but good

Mickey style "Where is my water"Posted by Douglas Hawks 2016-01-16

Great fun for the kids

Good game.!Posted by Anvesh Naik 2015-11-19

Update made it better!

Nice....Posted by Jay Bamaniya 2015-09-13

This game is very nice

The best game everPosted by Maria Diaz 2016-06-21

It is soooooo FUN!!!!

love itPosted by Sakib Shaikh 2016-01-21

it's a time pass game

ItPosted by Yash Sharma 2016-01-13

It is adventure game

LoopyPosted by Panda God 2015-11-24

This is a great game

This game is nice like where is my water but this is nicePosted by 2016-08-24

Next Next it is bor

Love itPosted by Demontra Migo 2016-08-23

Demontramigo and LA

Its okPosted by Hugh Mclaughlin 2016-07-03

Didn't take long :(

Posted by Olivia Battles 2016-02-29

Good name title lol

Super gamePosted by Siva Vutla 2016-03-13

This is super game

It is goodPosted by Ataur Rahman 2016-02-21

My sister plays it

Very goodPosted by ManavRahul Pruthi 2015-11-14

Game was fantastic

Posted by Oh no Jaden omg 2015-12-29

It is pretty hard

Posted by Wan Fatin Syahira Ghazali 2015-10-22

Wow ..funny..good

GoodPosted by Alyse Huerta 2016-08-03

Its a good game

Posted by Mahmoud Ragab 2016-07-02

ras tanura beach

Love itPosted by Khailyn Ramos 2016-03-16

Its a great game

Posted by Abhilasha Sinha 2016-02-25

Very nice lovely

Posted by Nariyana Shifflett 2016-01-09

My favorite game

It a best gamePosted by Haikal 12 2016-02-12

But 4 star only

CoolPosted by Shoona 2015-11-20

Total maazzaa..

Posted by Yazzir Gallardo 2015-11-12

I like the game

Posted by Brinda Ohri 2015-10-06

It's gooooooood

It's okPosted by Mister Enderman 2015-08-27

It's kinda hard

Posted by Owen Ross 2016-07-26

Pooping pooper

Posted by Kessie Maine 2016-06-30

I love Mickey!

Posted by DoNuT Lover!! 2016-04-30

Very good! !!!

BoringPosted by Gabrielle Felix 2016-01-26

Its for babby.

Posted by Mehernosh Avari 2015-11-13

I love it

Posted by Lisa Harris 2015-10-24

It is the best

Posted by Sammy Seghetti 2016-04-16

Good, Awesome

The best-known gamePosted by Kian Shen 2016-03-19

It is amazing

Posted by Jayson Bongbonga 2015-09-26

is this good?

Good , can play while boredPosted by Varun Shivanand 2016-05-11

Awesome game

Posted by Sujal Pariyar 2016-04-29

Little tough

GoodPosted by Brianna Salinas 2016-02-02

Cool kid duh

Loved itPosted by kayla ramos 2016-01-01

So addicting

Posted by Ayeisha Alemania 2015-12-14

Awesome game

Very nicePosted by Dr. Monish Kumar Singh 2015-11-19

Arnav Rajput

Posted by Alina Iqbal 2015-10-09

Enjoying it!

Good !Posted by Tantyana Rosdi 2016-08-10

I love it !

CoolPosted by Kathleen Scarlet Rodriguez 2016-08-04

It's so fun

Posted by Tertia Coetzee 2016-08-02

IT willemse

Posted by marachi panickampatti 2016-06-02

funny games

Posted by Minshu Kumar 2016-03-22


++++Posted by Tishaah Tisha 2016-01-06

v.nice game

Posted by Swapna Chinni 2015-09-11

Pay to play

Posted by Lisa Husin 2016-05-16

Really fun

GoodPosted by Andrea Smith 2016-04-13

Very nice

LoPosted by Marissa Leingang 2016-03-12


Posted by nicole anna093 Latina 2016-03-08

Mike mouse

Posted by Joan Plecerda 2015-12-22

Trial game

It is an good gamePosted by Giselle Alejandre 2015-08-29

By Giselle

Posted by Pilli Shankaram 2016-08-29

Ok Sooooo

Posted by Iqbal Singh 2016-07-29

nice game

Good graphicsPosted by lakshmi murthy 2016-05-18

Nice game

Posted by vinod singh 2016-04-16

good game

Posted by Wreatha J 2016-04-08

Cool Game

Love itPosted by Asghar Ali 2016-03-02

It's good

I was okay but its say's to buy the full version and you can't play other levelsPosted by Marissa Rincon 2016-02-28

It's okay

Posted by Mangala Suresh Dharpure 2016-01-16

I like it

SuperPosted by Viruthambal Ganesh 2015-12-23

I love it

Posted by Praval Dave 2015-11-19

Good game

Awesome!!Posted by Kendyle Hieber 2015-10-10


Posted by Naim Shaikh 2015-10-09

Nice game

shikinPosted by Umau Star 2016-07-09

love you

AddsPosted by Oceana Mermaid 2016-06-07

Ads suck

Posted by Ashley Klaas 2016-01-16

Liked it

It is okPosted by rohan bernard 2015-11-14

It is ok

NicePosted by Raghotham Kulkarni 2015-11-12

Good one

Posted by Mom-selma Kakoro 2015-10-07

Me likey

Om godPosted by Arnav Kawale 2015-09-17

Very bad

CoolPosted by ma.bernaleth arcangel 2016-04-21


Posted by Suresh Rawal 2016-01-16

Love it

EleanorPosted by Eleanor Husen 2015-11-26

Not bad

Posted by sameer khan 2015-11-11

like it

BilalPosted by Rehmat Ali 2015-10-13


Posted by Lois Harding 2015-10-08


Posted by Hasan Hussain 2016-09-09


Too goodPosted by Madhuri Pandey 2016-04-03


Where's my MickeyPosted by Anita Woods 2015-11-17


Were is my miceyPosted by Melvin Tayag 2015-09-28


AGASTYAPosted by Sandeep Sharma 2015-09-14


Denjar gamePosted by Sameer Shaikh 2015-09-06


GgPosted by emily carter 2016-06-21


Nice gamePosted by Liaditya Lia 2016-06-10


Posted by shanthi mayil 2016-04-08


Posted by Ravalfalguni H 2015-12-15


Posted by Pramod Jain 2015-12-10


Posted by Namit Patel 2015-11-22


Very nicePosted by Mukund Sansare 2015-09-12


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